What You Can Do Is…

Are you doing what really matters? And that really matters to you?

If not, you must do two things: 1) do the job right in front of you the absolute best you can; and 2) create and work a plan to get you the work you want.

I know what you’re saying: “I can’t do that, I have bills, a mortgage,… ”

You can.

If Viktor Frankl can make being imprisoned in a concentration camp into a meaningful – and useful – experience, then you can kick-ass in your current job while create your exit plan.

About the only time it’s okay to “just-stay-where-you-and-make-the-best-of-it-while-you-wait-for-circumstances-to-change” is if you’re in a concentration camp in World War II (and according to Frankl, those were people most likely to succumb to conditions).

Otherwise, get clear on what you want, what’s required to make it real and get busy doing what your dream/plan requires.

You don’t have to quit tomorrow and dive into something new, unprepared (in fact, that would be the height of folly). But you do need to tell yourself the truth about what you want, write it down and work on it every day.

It’s that simple really:

  • tell the truth about what you want
  • create a workable plan for its creation
  • work on it every day

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