Stop Pleasing, Start Serving

I’m reading what I believe is a great book. How do I know? How can I know when I’m not done yet?

Because I’ve already received a great idea. A powerful new way of seeing something.

What’s that “something?”

There’s a difference between serving and pleasing.

One brings forth your best, and creates good for you and the world.

And the other keeps you small, while feeding the lesser parts of others (keeping all involved small).

When you serve, you engage the part of you that wants to create, for the benefit of all those involved: for you and anyone your service touches.

When you please, you deny your noble impulses and defer to the petty whims of those who really don’t (really) care about you.

To serve requires that you know who you are and what you value. That you have something to contribute and are willing to give of yourself without any guarantee of external reward or acknowledgement.

Pleasing is needy. It denies the beauty and magnificence of who we all are.

It’s a way of being that asks “Am I good enough? Is there something I can do, or not do, that will make you like me… even if for just a little while?” And you know what? You’ll never be be good enough for them, they will always let you keep trying to please them.

I suggest you serve. Get clear about your values and goals and find ways to work on/in things related.

Make your thoughts and actions a meditation on creating what matters – to you and the World.

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