What Equals Results?

Clarity + Commitment + Action + Iteration = Results

Clarity – you must know what, exactly, you are seeking. To the extent you are unclear, you will founder, be frustrated, less-than-effective and even choose, or stop at, the wrong thing (because it resembles what you said you wanted . . . )

Commitment – You must really, really want the thing. Deep down in your bones, in your soul, you must want it. If you don’t, or you want something else (hidden to you), you will flag in your efforts, get frustrated and give up or settle.

Action – Quite simply you must act. Until there is motion, there is nothing but fantasy. And you must continue to act (and learn) (which brings us to:).

Iteration – You must pay attention along the way to the/your results – “good” or “bad” – and adjust accordingly. You must adapt intelligently. Most of all, and this is how iteration applies here most importantly, you must be willing to start not knowing the path and adapt wisely as you walk the path.

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