There Are No Excuses, Anymore…

I recently read a post by Seth Godin (a freakin’ genius who should be read by all!) about the ease of (and ability to) getting a message out into the World; about how to connect and serve a group of people (though perhaps small) who are ready for a leader (check out the post here).

*  *  *

There are so many ways to contribute to, and participate in, the World today.

I have this little blog (which some people, I hear, actually read . . . ), but there’s – now – so many ways to reach the people that are interested in what you’re interested in, who care about the issues you care about and are interested in solving the problems you want to solve.

What do you care about?

What do you want to fix in the World?

Read Seth’s post and do something.

Even if it’s a tiny – seemingly inconsequential – step.

It will matter.

And they are out there.

Pick yourself.

Consider your bluff called.

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