Complete Your Incompletes

Whatever is incomplete in your life is a drain on your energy.

Incompletes are open cognitive loops that demand constant mental energy (whether conscious or not).

I am not suggesting that you’ll never has incomplete things in your life.

You will.

But it matters what “form” they’re in.

I recently realized that there are three types relevant here: 1) Incompletes 2) Incompletes with a Trusted Plan and 3) Things in Need of Release

As I said “Incompletes” are a drain on your energy. They are things you know can complete, but for whatever reason you’re not.

“Incompletes with a Trusted Plan” (aka Goals) are fine, so long as you really, truly believe in your plan for completing the thing.

#3 is bit tougher. There are some things that you can’t, for whatever reason, complete. These things need to be released. People (maybe you… ) need to be forgiven. The Bigger Picture needs to be seen or whatever.

The point here is that anything that dilutes your focus and energy must be attended to.

You must – one way or the other – complete your Incompletes.

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