The Perfection of Being Overweight

You may find the title of this blog post curious. How can being overweight be perfect?

Because there’s no mystery about how one becomes overweight. Every person who isn’t at their Ideal Weight made a series of decisions that created their “overweight-ness.”

Granted it’s a long series of small choices, but no one becomes overweight overnight. It takes time.

The perfection is that because there’s a definite path to becoming overweight, there is a definite path to one’s Ideal Weight.

Another aspect of the perfection is that it will take time. It is wonderful that “losing” weight takes time. Just as one does not add weight quickly (although it may seem like that way), one does not shed weight quickly.

The hard truth – for someone who wants to weigh less – is that the only way to shed weight is to take responsibility for the choices one made to add the weight.

Not blame, shame or self-loathing, but stepping up and saying “I made many small choices, over a long period of time, and now I weigh ### pounds.”

Facing that (hard) truth will allow you to get curious about those choices. Getting curious will allow you to ascertain how exactly you ate-more/moved-less and created your current weight.

Our bodies are perfect representation of our habits around food and movement. If we eat more than we need and move less than is healthy, we add weight. If we eat less and move more, we shed weight.

The perfection is both the absolute relationship between our choices and our weight (and our health) and the fact that it takes a while to either gain weight or shed it.

One side of the coin is that (thankfully) we can’t gain a bunch of weight in a week, the other side is that we can’t shed a bunch of weight in a week.

Phew! What a relief . . .

Now, to shed the ~15 or so pounds I have added over the last few years – that I really, want to be free of.

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