No Pain, No Pain

We’ve all heard the expression: No Pain, No Gain.

Well, it’s wrong.

Following that formula will lead to injuries or burnout.

First, what do I mean, exactly, by “pain.”

Pain is not discomfort. Pain is not working hard. Pain is not struggling in the face of difficulty. Pain is not wishing it was easy when its hard. Pain is not not knowing if you’re going to be able to, and making it happen anyway.

Pain is pushing yourself to the point of injury. Pain is going too far, working too hard, attempting too many reps.

Aspiring to pain, or allowing it as something that is necessary is a mistake.

*  *  *

I’m here to offer an alternative.

*  *  *

No Train. No Gain.

To get better. we must do the work.

To achieve our goals and be more we must practice, and learn, and “fail,” and overcome.

We must do the reps and grind it out when we’re tired, or we want to be home or when we just wish it were easier.

If we don’t do the work, we won’t get the result.

*  *  *

But we don’t risk injury, or burn-out, or depression or alienating those we care about by over-working.

We do the work.

And we make time for those we love.

And we rest and recover so our bodies and mind can regenerate – so we can be fresh and vibrant for each “practice” and be ready for each “game.”

*  *  *

No Pain. No Pain.

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