I’ve been trying to write this post for a couple days now. I’m not exactly sure why I’ve been hesitating, but I have.

Now, I want to get it done more than I want to hem-and-haw, so here goes.

*  *  *

Five. Hundred. Posts.

That’s a lot.

When I look back on the writing of all those posts I’m struck by how I’ve kept the commitment I made a while back to write each and every weekday.

Some weeks it was tough. I would wait until Sunday night to write even one post, and each night thereafter was some measure of a struggle.

Some weeks it was effortless. I would have a few drafts that were almost ready to go and, after polishing those up, I would crank out a couple more sometime the week before. There was even one month where I had three weeks of posts done and scheduled.

According to my FeedBurner stats a handful of people subscribe to the post updates and I would have to guess that only a couple actually read each day’s post. That’s okay. (Being a Google Analytics doofus, I really have no idea if anyone else reads my posts . . . .).

It doesn’t really matter to me how many people read these posts. I am grateful for those that do and I hope they enjoy this one. But I write this mainly for me.

I find I understand things better if I write about them and have to explain them. To be sure, some of my “explanations” are not 100% cogent and illuminating, but I think – on average – I do pretty well.

I write every weekday because I enjoy and benefit from the discipline. It’s a practice that gives to me much more than in it asks.

So, thanks for being here on #500. I hope you’ve enjoyed some of the previous posts and look forward to continuing to deliver the best stuff I can in the future.


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