Why Goals Matter

People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going. – Earl Nightingale

Doing what I do and having read what I’ve read, I’ve noticed that there’s a great deal of debate on how to do goals properly.

But what I’ve found is that the great “difference” isn’t between the different ways to set and achieve goals, but whether one has any sense of their goals at all.

What I mean by that is: does one have (reasonably) clear, written goals with a target date for completion?

Dare I say, that 90% of it.

In a way, it’s a question of starting.

When you have (clear, authentic, written) goals you’ve done some very important work.

You’ve overcome the fears many have of “naming” what they want.

Once you have what you want in front of you, all that’s left is to begin.

Just take small steps each and notice what happens.

The key is that you’ll be able to take action because you’ll have some clue as to where you’re headed.

And remember, you can always change, update, expand or replace your goal as you move forward (and you may need to . . . ).

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