What (Real) Optimists Do

Optimists are those who go after Moby Dick in a row boat with a bucket of tartar sauce. – Zig Ziglar

First off, nobody beats Zig for deep truth delivered well.

Second, the key take-away here (I humbly suggest) is that the Optimist is one who takes (intelligent/bold/authentic/useful/necessary/game-changing) action.

So many people pooh-pooh optimism and talk all kinds of smack about optimists have their heads-in-the-clouds and don’t understand how the “real world” “works.”


People who spout optimistic words, but cling to the safety of routine and the known live in a fantasy-land of little-to-no progress.

The people that get important stuff done are the optimists Zig is talking about.

People with big ideas, strong belief and willingness and ability to take real action.

Where do I grab my tartar sauce . . . !

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