Moving Towards Audacity

Today, and every Monday (at least for a while), I am going to review last week’s posts, choose one and create an action exercise based on some aspect of the post.

This week’s Action Exercise (or at least that’s what I’m calling it right now) is investigating what it is we might really want, but – for some reason – aren’t taking any action on.

Specifically, something we don’t feel worthy to begin or ask for. Please read the post and come back.


Is there anything you’ve been holding back from asking for or starting, because you don’t feel “enough?”

The action exercise for this week is to once, preferably two or three times a day, do the following:

1) Set aside five-to-ten minutes when and where you can be quiet and undisturbed.

2) Take at least 30 seconds to sit with your eyes closed, just noticing your breath.

3) With a pen and paper, write out the following question: “Is there anything I’ve been saying no to in my life, that I really want?”

4) Without filter or judgement write down any and all things that come to mind.

Do this every day for at least five days, seven or more is better.

After five days, or however many you’ve done this exercise, review what you’ve written looking for something that keeps coming up, themes or something that moves and/or scares you.

Take that thing and ask yourself:

“If I were completely confident and willing to stumble and make mistakes in the starting and the doing of this, what would be the absolute first step?”

Do that.

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