Live: Authentically. Fully. Usefully.

When it comes time to die, let us not discover that we have never lived. – Henry David Thoreau

A great way to live while you’re alive (something I love to say and think about… ) is to write your obituary, as you would like it to read.

Write an account of your life that describes the relationships you had and the impact you made. That talks about who you were as much as what you did.

Then, once you have this not-necessarily-morbid wish list, get busy on creating those things for real.

Make your life about what you want it to have been about. (Forgive that somewhat tortured English, I want you to re-read that until you get it… )

At least every year, review your “draft” obituary and make it “read” better and better. Take lessons from what you’ve done and (regularly) re-write the story of life.

Most of all, live while you’re alive.

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