Gratitude is the Foundation

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but also the parent of all the others. – Cicero

When we are grateful we create constructive, useful and, yes, positive, emotions.

It is with these constructive emotions that we can move forward and take action.

When we are grateful we focus on what we have already created in our lives and it reminds us of our creative power and ability.


Please note: when I speak of “creativity” I am not speaking narrowly, confined to world of visual and physical arts and dance. I am speaking of the ability to take what does not exist in form or reality and making it available and real.

We can create money, or love, or good-will, or peace, or any number of emotions, conditions, or objects. It just takes the willingness to work hard for that which does not yet exist (in the form we would prefer)


Whenever you feel stuck or down, take some time to notice what you have.

(I’ll admit that sometimes we just need to wallow for an hour or two, or maybe the rest of the day. But the next morning, after you’ve had that restful, restorative sleep that you needed, nourish yourself well and move forward.)

If you need a formal exercise, write down five goals that you are proud to have helped accomplish, five things you have in your life that remind you of joy and abundance and five people that care for you (even if they are people you don’t know yet… ).

This exercise will transform your mood and sense of possibility.

And then you can get to creating.

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