It’s Okay to Prepare

Many people are not living the lives they really want (myself* included).

One of the reasons people don’t is because they think they should be able to just do it, but they know they aren’t ready. This creates a short little “despair loop” which takes the person out of possibility and back to “reality.”

The truth is, preparation is part of living the life you really want.

Just as waiting for something to happen to be happy is no way to live, thinking that you’ll be living authentically and fulfilled when you do “that-epic-thing-you’ve-dream-of” is a mistake.

Such is Classic Contingent Living (believing that if/when, then… ).

*  *  *

Would you jump out of an airplane without a parachute?

Without taking at least one class on the keys to successfully jumping out of airplanes?

Without researching the safety record of the sky-diving school and its personnel?

Of course not (at least I hope not!).

Jumping out of a plane requires preparation, and planning, and due diligence.

Living the life you want requires knowing what you want (meaning: your best guess at the present moment, which may be revised as act, and learn and grow).

Living the life you want requires planning (meaning: you make your best guess at the present moment as to what actions and resources are required to move you towards what you want and adjusting as you act, and learn and grow).

And it requires you to act and learn. You must take action and do your best to notice how you feel and what is working – and build on what feels good and right and expand on what’s working.

So go ahead, get started. It’s okay to prepare.

*  *  *

* My life is pretty darn good, and getting better, but there’s room for expansion and improvement (and there always will be).

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