Laws, Goals and Their Uses

I had an idea this morning while making my coffee.

Laws are not necessarily to prevent people from doing evil things, from being “bad” people.

Of course, some are, like laws against murder, rape and assault. But some laws are designed to both prevent egregious offenses, but also to keep good people from doing things that on their face aren’t all that bad, but actions, if compounded, will cause real harm.

I thought of this while listening to a “Bird Note Flies” on NPR when they mentioned the Clean Water Act (CWA).

Yes, the CWA does prevent people from dumping massive amounts of chemicals into waterways, but it also helps shape the behavior of individuals, in smaller (but still important) interactions.

By increasing consciousness and creating a different mental/cultural framework around an issue, laws like the CWA help increase the awareness and change the behaviors of everyday people, in everyday situations (at work and otherwise… ).

Goals have a similar function.

People aren’t necessarily working directly on their goals at any given time, but their goals, to the extent they are authentic and reviewed regularly, they shape behavior in smaller instances.

Goals helps us to understand what our lives are about and to shape our behavior (to the extent we are conscious of our goals… ).

Step One: get clear on what you truly want and why. Know what you want and how your life will be different, better and the way you truly want it, when your goals become achievements.

Step Two: regularly review your goals so you become more and more conscious of them, and thus allow them to influence your behavior to a sufficient degree.

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