(How You Spend) Your Time is a Choice

I just listened to a great edition of the Good Life Project podcast. I highly recommend the conversation Jonathan has with Laura Vanderkam.

My key takeaway was something that I’ve thought and kind of believed, but hadn’t yet really come to full realize: time is a choice.

If that’s true though, that how we use the time have is up to us, that it’s a choice; why do so many of us feel time-starved and overwhelmed.

Two reasons, primarily: 1) we don’t have clarity about what we want our lives to be (about) and 2) we haven’t taken full responsibility for how we spend our time.

Until we get clear about what, exactly, we want our lives to be and realize that it’s up us to invest out time wisely, we will continue to say “Yes” when we mean no, live in a reactive way and wonder why we feel busier than ever and yet we’re getting less of what really matters to us done.


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