Have Your Own Goals Too!

Today’s post is a blatant rip-off of a mentor – but his words are so perfect, his message so on-point, I had to share it in its entirety.

In an e-mail from Steve Chandler this morning, I found this gem of a message:

If I walked in to your home office today I would find other people’s goals all over the place. I’d walk to the desk and see the utility company’s written, specific goal on a piece of paper. I’d see the medical imaging center’s goal for what they wanted to earn-down to the penny-from you in the next thirty days. I’d see your child’s school’s donation to save the athletic program goal.

Goals and dreams all over the place. Written and definite. Guiding your life! Telling you what to do-how much money to make. Other people’s goals.

But where are yours? Your own goals? Where are they written down for you to see?


Where are your goals?

Where are my goals, that are well and truly mine?

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