Goal-Setting Doesn’t Work (Unless . . . )

You do.

Now, in practice, goal-setting doesn’t work, for most people.

Take New Year’s Resolutions, we all know how successful they are . . . .

I’m not here to blame or cast aspersions, but to explain why goal-setting doesn’t work, for most people.

*  *  *

Okay, so the fundamental truth is: goals(etting) don’t work, unless you do.

But, why aren’t people doing the work!?

Is it because they’re bad, lazy people who want life to hand them everything?

Well, there might be a couple people like that, but overwhelmingly, people are well-meaning and hard-working.

So what’s the problem?

*  *  *

People are not sufficiently connected to their Why.

It’s either that they don’t know why they want something, or there’s a competing commitment, or they actually want something else (and for whatever reason they are not aware of it, or won’t acknowledge that fact)

For goal-setting to work you must connect to your “why.”

You must have sufficient clarity about why you want something before you’re going to do the work.

Then – and only then – will you get busy, and follow-through to completion.

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