Google’s CEO Wants You To Get A Coach

Do you need a coach? Yes. I believe that, deeply. And, Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt believes it too.

Why do we think you need a coach? Because you could be more, have more, do more, serve more and enjoy more, if you grow yourself.

But, “I can do that on my own!” you object. I don’t need anyone’s help to get better, to grow myself . . . “I can do it on my own.” The CEO of Google begs to differ:



The key is: you can’t see yourself. You need someone to help you look at your approach and results and give you honest, un-biased feed-forward — and everyone else in your life has some sort of agenda. It’s not that you can’t trust others to advise you well, it’s just that it’s difficult, if not impossible, for them to be objective in a way that is truly useful for you, to the extent that a coach can, in terms of your growth and development.

Ideally, a coach is a developmental partner. Not a guru, or consultant, or counselor, or mentor — not exclusively at least. The cool thing (to my mind) about coaching is that a coach will sprinkle in aspects of those aforementioned roles, but always do so from a grounding of coaching. That is to say: the client is whole and capable, at their core, they need only discover and solve what’s in their way to move forward, authentically and quickly.

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