The Lessons Will Keep Reappearing

The lessons we need to learn, the lessons we must learn, will – invariably – keep showing up until we learn them.

Case-in-point: my current desire to shed weight, become lighter and live my Ideal Weight.

I am happy to say that I am making progress. I am shedding weight because my behavior has changed. My behavior has changed because my choices have changed. And my choices have changed because my thinking has changed.

So, it all started with my thinking, but each bit is equally important: thoughts, choices, behavior.

Despite my long-repeated protestations (to myself ) that I wanted to be lighter, I was “stuck” in a weight range (between 21 and 24 pounds more than my Ideal Weight (178 pounds)).

The lesson that I needed to learn (that my thoughts, choices and behavior had to be aligned) was persistent. There would be no change without change.

Put another way: I couldn’t wish my way out of something that I had behaved my way into.

Can you relate? Is there some annoyance, issue, difficulty or challenge that either won’t go away or seems to keep popping up for you?

What needs to change – in you – to resolve it?

What’s out-of-alignment in your life?

How do you need to grow or evolve to make the annoyance/issue/difficulty/challenge solvable?

P.S. I am making progress on my journey to my Ideal Weight. One helpful tweak was I allowed myself to create an “intermediate” goal of 190 pounds. I was, rather – as I can see now – ridiculously, worried that if I set some kind of intermediate goal I would stop there and be “satisfied.”

I now realize that I look forward to reaching my intermediate goal, pausing to celebrate and de-brief, and then moving on my ultimate goal (which is to weigh 178 (+/- two pounds) and be strong and flexible).

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