Don’t Change*

Stop trying to change.

You are perfect** the way you are. Your business is perfect** the way it is. Your team is perfect** the way it is.

All you need to is EXPERIMENT.

Experiments never fail. Change efforts do. Experiments are always successful.

Just get clear on what you want and experiment with methods.

Notice what feels good and what works – do more of that.

*  *  *

* Evolve instead.

** “Perfect” in the sense that the way things are is the only way they could be, in the present moment. Every-/Any-thing is the result of choices. The result of choices is what is. Wishing things were different is resistance to what is. Embrace what is. If you want it to be different, better, bigger, smaller, wider, . . . adjust your choices. But don’t wish it were different – that takes you out of the present moment.

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