Beliefs Matter

The height of your accomplishments is determined by the depth of your convictions. – William F. Scolavino

Or put another way, nothing will happen unless you believe in it and your ability to complete it sufficiently.

When we believe in what we’re doing, whether it be a deep-seated belief in our ability to achieve a goal, or a belief that something is a worthy “experiment,” we move forward with the resolution and energy required to overcome self-doubt and the inevitable obstacles.

When we doubt our ability to do something we protect ourselves and play small. We avoid any possibility of failure and stick to the “known.”

The problem with this is that it’s just another form of failure, it’s just a quieter, more insidious form.

There’s no “magical” way to put this: life is for living and our lives are determined by what we believe – our convictions.

Why? Because what we believe determines what we will do. What we do determines our lives.

Maybe you need to start small on that dream?

But how?

Make the dream into a project. Projects can be broken down in phases. Phases can be broken down into goals and milestones. Goals can be broken down into tasks.

Everyone can do a task if it’s part of of their Dream.

If you believe.

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