The Difference Between Asking and Being Willing to Receive

Sometimes, but not always, there’s a difference between asking for something and accepting it and being willing to receive what’s offered.

This post was inspired by some thing from Jonathan Fields; I recommend reading that post here.

When we ask for something, it’s what we want. It so often comes from a place of Ego. A place of there’s me and what I want and there’s everyone else – and what I can get from them.

This is always the case, and I don’t want to split hairs about language, but for the purposes of our discussion, let’s agree that “asking” comes from Ego.

The alternative is being open to “receive.”

This openness requires a few things: vulnerability, respect and love.

To receive, one must be vulnerable. Willing to admit what they don’t know and what others have expertise and/or experience with/in. One must be open to the wisdom and counsel of others – to be a Novice to someone else’s Expert.

Respect is key as well. To respect others is to honor their journey and wisdom. Also, one must respect themselves in relation to others. To know that we all have our own expertise and that together we can solve problems and improve lives.

Separately we achieve much less than when we seek out the wise counsel, and collaboration, of others. When we come from a place of respect we invite others to teach and grow us.

And, most importantly, love. We must love to receive.

The opposite of this is to fear. To fear that others helping us will make us less. That to accept help diminishes us.

We must love. We must serve. When we do we will receive.

When we receive we learn, and grow.

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