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Hope v. Expectation

Here’s a short, but oh so sweet, post from Seth Godin:

Hope and expectation

Hope is fuel, it moves us forward and it amplifies our best work.

Expectation is the killer of joy, the shortest route to disappointment. When we expect that something will happen, we can’t help but be let down…

*  *  *

When we understand and respect the difference between hope and expectation, our work, and lives, transform.

Let Your Soul Grow

To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it. – Kurt Vonnegut

Whatever you do is your art, if you let it be.

Do everything with an artful intention and touch.

Take care and act with awareness and love.

Let everything you do be art and your life will be a masterpiece.

The Secret to Time Management

Don’t do what you sincerely don’t want to do. – Ernest Hemingway

Putting aside the fundamental truth that time just is and cannot be managed (only you and your priorities can be managed), this is the essence of effective self- and priority-management.

The simple fact is: you’re too busy, or overwhelmed, because 1) you’ve said “Yes” too much; 2) you don’t know know what you (really) want; 3) you want to be and 4) you don’t know how to manage yourself effectively.

Let’s take them in order:

#1 – If you have have too much to do it’s because you taken too much on. Everyone has the same amount of time; smart people learn to say “No” to things that aren’t truly a priority. Of course, they do it in a nice and respectful way, but they have clear and strong boundaries.

#2 – If you don’t know what you want, you’ll likely do all sorts of things; some you to do, many you don’t. When you get clear about what you want you can easily make decisions about what to do and what not to do.

#3 – You’re in charge of you. Whatever you have is a result of what you’ve done and haven’t done. If you’re (too) busy it’s because – someone, someway – you want to be.

#4 – Most people who are overwhelmed don’t have good habits. Their systems-of-life either suck or are hidden to them. So much of what we do is habit. Therefore, if our life is crap it’s largely because our habits are crap.

Be Audacious

Fortune favors the audacious. – Erasmus

Even the smallest audacaities matter.

Sometimes just doing something a little daring, a tiny bit bold, is what sets you on a path that changes your life in wonderful and profound ways.

Don’t worry that your boldness seems small; all that matters is that you act.

Behavior Always Wins

You can tell me what you want, what you dream about, what your “Ideal Life” would be, what you want to start or stop, . . . , but all that matters is what you do.

At the end of the day: behavior always wins.

All that – really – matters is action.

Of course, emotions beget action and thoughts beget emotions, so yeah, you better be thinking good, resourceful thoughts, so you can feel useful, empowering emotions, but it all comes down to what you do.

What have you been doing?

How’s that working for ya?