Be Anti-Status-Quo

Any regular reader of this blog knows I am a big Seth Godin fan. I just read another great post on his blog (you can read it here). In the post he talks about the resistance of (certain factions in) business to important changes. One example being the elimination of child labor and the complaint …

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Be A One-Footer

Huh? What’s Matt on about now? A “one-footer?” I was watching a Brendon Burchard video where he was talking about limiting beliefs and how they don’t really limit us, unless we focus on them to the exclusion of other thoughts. It got to me to thinking. There are people that drive their cars with one …

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Be Where You Are: Savor

Whether or not we realize it, when we’re in an enjoyable, positive situation, that is about to end, we have a choice: to either be present and savor the time left or jump to the future, prematurely lamenting the end of the wonderfulness. Choose to be present. Choose to savor.

Hope v. Expectation

Here’s a short, but oh so sweet, post from Seth Godin: Hope and expectation Hope is fuel, it moves us forward and it amplifies our best work. Expectation is the killer of joy, the shortest route to disappointment. When we expect that something will happen, we can’t help but be let down… *  *  * …

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Let Your Soul Grow

To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it. – Kurt Vonnegut Whatever you do is your art, if you let it be. Do everything with an artful intention and touch. Take care and act with awareness and love. Let everything you do …

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