Choose Fear

Every time we choose safety, we reinforce fear. – Cheri Huber

Huh? Has Matt gone mad!?

Nope, just wanted to get your attention.

Now that, I hope, I have it, I’ll make my point.

When we choose the safe and known over what we fear (and “fear” includes: merely being uncomfortable, a little anxious, a touch nervous), we make that fear stronger.

Particularly in what we say to ourselves about how strong we are.

We can say we’re strong and brave, and perhaps in certain extraordinary situation we can/will be, but the vast majority of life is lived in the normal, the mundane, the ordinary.

And when we shrink from minor little fears we choose to not strengthen our bravery.

We get weaker.

The truth is there is no stasis.

We are either growing or shrinking, getting stronger or weaker.


Get stronger.

Choose (to face your) fears – especially the small ones.

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