Have Something To Say

Just a quick post to share this quote which came “through” today: “There is all the difference in the world between having something to say and having to say something.” – John Dewey Self-explanatory, really.

Why Coaching Works

At the risk of shameless self-promotion, here is a post on why coaching is a powerful way to create authentic and lasting change: Who you hang out with matters. (The right coach is a wonderful person to “hang out” with once a week or so, and will challenge you to upgrade your associations if necessary.) What …

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The Timeless Capacities

“During my 87 years, I have witnessed a whole succession of technological revolutions. But none of them has done away with the need for character in the individual or the ability to think.” – Bernard Baruch One of the reasons I chose a liberal education (thank you Hobart College) was my belief that the abilities …

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6,000 Days

On page 74 on Kevin Cashman’s excellent book, Leadership From The Inside Out, he tells the story of being asked by a Tibetan monk how many days he has to live. After gathering himself, he thought for minute and answered “Six thousand.” The monk replied: “So, if you have 6,000 days, do you want to …

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We Are Dissonance Resolvers

“Huh? What the heck is he talking about?” Excellent question. Allow me to explain: Human beings do some interesting things, some great, some good, some not-so-much. One of the things that we do that falls in the not-so-much category is dissonance resolution. First (an attempt at), a definition; Dissonance Resolution: in relation to people, ideas …

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