Everyone Needs a Coach

Why does everyone need a coach? For myriad reasons; in particular: 1) because you can’t see yourself do what you do and 2) everyone around you has an agenda that isn’t 100% your growth and development.  

Tiny Wonders

I have ridden motorcycles for over three years now. It was only a couple months ago that I was introduced to ear plugs. A friend asked if I had some ear plugs as I was leaving his house and I (somewhat sheepishly) said “No.” I then admitted that  had never used them while riding. Without …

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About Habits

“Do you have habits, or do your habits have you?” – Brian Tracy I heard that  this morning while listening to his audio program “Focal Point” (one of my favorite programs of his) in the car. It hit me particularly hard as I know, deep-down, that many of my habits don’t serve me, and they …

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Meet Your Own Expectations

One of the hardest things we could ever do is meet the expectation we hold of others, ourselves. That thought occurred to me this morning as I was driving to Starbucks for my morning coffee today. I was noticing that I was (allowing myself to) get annoyed with the driver in front of me. I …

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