How Things _Really_ Work

You don’t get by what you do, you receive because of who you are.

So many people operate from the first part of the above.

They think that if they do the right things they will get what they want.

And it’s true that you can do certain things and you will tend to “get” certain things, but there’s a couple problems with this approach: 1) it’s transactional and 2) you need to “keep” doing everything “right.”

The alternative is decide how you want to be and let your actions flow from your “ground-of-being.”

This approach is much more authentic and in harmony with how creation, and the Universe, actually works.

Instead of being apart from the results you seek, you are part of them before they actually come into being.

Is work and effort and discipline required?

Of course.

But aligning yourself with how things really work is better than scheming and attempting to manipulate results.

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