Do You Need To Change?

“If no changes were necessary for you to achieve financial independence, you’d already be there.” – John Cummuta

I grabbed this quote because it speaks a general truth.

The truth is whatever it is we want would already be in our lives if no changes were required.

I know that you may not agree with that statement, perhaps not even understand it, so let’s break it down and I’ll see if I can’t persuade you.

First, the more abstract, challenging bit: “whatever it is we want would already be in our lives.”

I’m not talking about all the things that outside influences want you to have – those are not authentic desires. The reason being is you won’t work hard for those sorts of things. Only the most trivial of those things will be present; you’ll achieve those goals because of some other reason (that matters to you… )(thinking you have to to stay part of a family or group of friends, for example).

The things that you have to work hard for, and will work hard for, are the things you want.

Secondly, by definition, anything you want, that isn’t present, in exactly the form you – truly – want requires a different condition. It requires to change something.

Perhaps you need to think differently? Or do differently? Whether it be better, or in a different way, or at a different time, or…

Perhaps you need to stop doing something?

Whatever change you need to make waits for you to make it. And it may require multiple changes, either all at once or one after the other, until you create the condition that what you want requires.

To sum up: you have to be crystal clear about what you truly, deeply want. And you must be willing to to do the work and make the changes required to make your goal a reality. Until you do both, sufficiently and intelligently, what you want will wait for you, patiently, and perhaps, permanently.

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