Are You a Learner or a Knower?

It is the studying that you do after your school days that really counts. Otherwise, you know only that which everyone else knows. –
Henry Doherty

So many people think they’re done with “school” and “learning” once their undergraduate, or even graduate, days are over.

That, unfortunately, is a recipe for stagnation and regression.

The nature of everything is change.

Whether it be personal or professional, one must continue to learn, adapt and grow.

Otherwise you will be left behind; either overtly in terms of those around you, or internally, in terms of not growing your intra-personal skills and abilities.

I’ve heard it said that it matters what you learn after you know something that matters.

What are you continuing to learn?

What is your personal and professional plan for learning?

If you don’t have one, you don’t have one.

Make one.

Decide how you are going to get better this year; both in terms of your job and your relationships (with yourself, others and the systems of the world).

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