How To Know Yourself

Knowing thyself is the height of wisdom. – Socrates

People have heard some version of the Socrates quotes above many times.

But, by and large, people don’t give it much thought because they think that “knowing yourself” is some grand, mystical thing reserved for monks and and navel-gazers who don’t have jobs.

That is a mis-apprehension. [I say delicately.]

*  *  *

The power of knowing yourself is that when you know yourself – and initially it means discovering yourself and coming face-to-face with what’s in the way of what you want and who you want to be – you can’t help but live well.

To know yourself is to be clear about about your values and goals.

To know yourself is accept your past and any mistakes you’ve made.

To know yourself is to forgive others because carrying around wounds only keeps you injured.

*  *  *

To get started on “knowing yourself,” take some time to get clear on your values.

What are the four or five things that matter most to you; things like: family, honor, excellence, peace, curiosity, . . . ?

Take some time each day to journal on this question (it may not come to you right away).

Once you’ve got some clarity, look at your life and ask: “Am I living my values?”

In the areas you are, celebrate and strengthen; where you’re not, make necessary corrections.

*  *  *

Starting this process, and sticking with it, is the beginning of self-knowledge.

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