200 Posts… What Does It Mean?

This, according to the “Posts” section of my WordPress Dashboard is my 200th post.

That’s pretty cool, but what does it mean?

Well, as I have come learn, it means whatever I want it to mean.

Primarily, I am going look at 200 posts as a testament to perseverance.

I don’t always feel like writing five blog posts each week. Sometimes I think: “I’ll just throw up a quote and leave it at that… I don’t need to offer any commentary.” But I always rally and add my thoughts.

The occasion of 200 posts gives me a chance to think about why I’ve been writing. What did I hope to accomplish?

It started out as wanting to share deep thoughts and impress people with my knowledge and expertise (ha!). Then it was about regularly adding fresh content because the SEO gurus said I needed to blog regularly to move up in the rankings. But lately I’m writing for myself, for you.

I am writing to explore ideas, both old and new, to become more clear on what I’m about.

To become more clear about who I help, and how.

To become a better resource for my clients (and, in a small way, to give potential clients a “library” of my thoughts to peruse to check for fit).

So, these first 200 posts have been a great learning experience. I hope my readers have enjoyed – and benefited from – my writings.

I think the next 50 or so posts will be an exploration of what I think works (and what doesn’t) in personal development.

I can’t wait.

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