How To Be Inspired

So many people say they can’t “get inspired” when they need or want to.

Doing anything from a “place” of inspiration is a merely a function of using your body and mind in a particular way.

Not feeling inspired? You’re using your body and mind in a certain way (i.e. you are maintaining a certain physiology and thinking certain thoughts) and creating an emotional state of NOT-inspired.

Rather than struggle and flail trying to get “inspired,” just stop and ask yourself: “How am I creating not-inspired?”

Allow the question to be real and simple. Just wonder: “How do I do not-inspired?”

It will help to do a few things:

  1. sit quietly in a comfortable and supportive chair (or stand in a powerful, grounded and relaxed manner);
  2. close your eyes and bring your attention to your breath for 30 or so seconds (as your attention invariably shifts to your thoughts, just return to the noticing of your breath).

Do this for a couple minutes.

Gently ask yourself again “How can come from inspiration?”

If you’re feeling better and more inspired, go with that and begin your work.

If not, continue with the curiosity of answering the question: “How do I do not-inspired?”

Once you’ve worked out your method, or methods, or doing not inspired, ask yourself: “What, for me, is the positive opposite?”

Do that… Rinse, lather, repeat.

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