The Worst Phrase Ever

A little quickie for your Monday morning: The worst phrase, just about ever, is “I can’t do that because… ”

I’ve been hearing that a fair bit lately, or I’ve been noticing more lately.

Mostly it’s others saying it, but sometimes it’s – in one for or another – in my head.

When we say I can’t do something it’s this amazing little package of dream-killing-soul-crushing perfection. We have a pretty idea of what we want, but we disallow it happening – and explain why.

There’s very little our heart can do when our head has made up its mind, and developed a reason why (not).

What to do?

If nothing else, don’t say it.

You don’t have to say ” I can do this… ,” but for the love of Pete don’t concern yourself with what you think you can’t do, and add some fantasy about why not.

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