(Your) Philosophy is Fundamental

While folding laundry just now I had a powerful thought. I realized – not for the first time, certainly – that one’s philosophy is so, so important to quality of life and results.

In terms of “philosophy,” I am speaking of our personal philosophy: the set of beliefs we have about ourselves, others and what is possible.

I may seek to un-pack this a bit more over some coming posts, but suffice it to say that the ability to examine one’s philosophy, compare it to our results and previous aspirations and see where changes need to be made going forward is very important.

Further, the ability to make the necessary behavioral adjustments is the rare skill of human-kind.

It need not be so un-common though, this ability to see where our thoughts and habits disconnect from our (true, authentic) desires and make the necessary (sustained) adjustments.

Let us pledge to first acknowledge that our – largely hidden – philosophy impacts our life completely and deeply, and that (positive) changes are possible.

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