Why Emotions Matter So Much

I was just thinking about an exercise I could do with clients where we take a client goal, close our eyes and vividly imagine what it will be like when the goal is achieved.

We would stir up positive, constructive, emotions  and actually experience the feelings that would accompany the new reality (that would exist once the goal was attained).

We would then talk about “how-things-are” now that the goal is reality, and in such a way that we wouldn’t really be sure if the goal was achieved already or not. Almost like a positive, useful and benign¬†fooling of one’s self.

The reason why an exercise like this would be so valuable is because emotions are the fuel of everything. Without emotions, we wouldn’t really do anything (of course, involuntary functions, would continue, but I’m not talking about those sorts of things… ).


Imagine a car. There are many parts to the car, and they are all vital to the car’s functioning. But a critical bit is fuel.

The gas in the gas tank.

Without gas in the tank nothing happens.

Emotions are our gas.

Fuel your tank.

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