Where Fear Comes From

Fear comes from the future, and discouragement comes from the past. Both obsessions are linear mistakes. – Steve Chandler

The mistake we make with time is that we think it’s a linear progression, with a now and two “thens” (past and future) and all the points in-between.

It’s not that.

It’s just not.

There is the Present. The Now. That’s it.

And there are thoughts about what isn’t now. But that doesn’t mean there’s an actual Past or Present.

*  *  *

To be in the Present we must act.

If there’s more than a gap of a few seconds between a thought about action and action, we’ve taken a trip to somewhere else other than now.

If you’re thinking about a big goal and how far it seems, stop and get in the Present.

What can you do Now to create that Big Goal?

Do that.

And do that over and over again.

Be where you are.

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