Where Do Feelings Come From?

Feeling is what you get for thinking the way you do. – Marilyn Vos Savant

So many people are sad, or stressed, or frustrated, or down, or melancholy or aggravated, or . . . take your pick.

But where do these modern emotions come from?

From one place, and one place only: our thoughts.

How we interpret the world, how we create our Reality is how we create our thoughts.

And our thoughts are where our emotions come from.

All emotions come from stimuli.

There are two sorts of stimuli: external and internal.

External stimuli are the things in our world that our nervous system reacts to. And it’s learned to filter out a lot.

Only when dire threats are perceived will we have severe and rousing emotions (think: fight/flight/freeze response).

Otherwise, our emotions come from what we think.

Want to have better emotions?

More useful, resourceful, often pleasant, emotions?

Think better thoughts.

Having trouble with that?

To start: read better books and meditate.

Try that out.

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