What Stops You From Making *Your* Extraordinary Real?

Please take five minutes, watch this video and join me on the page below after.

A very powerful video huh?

Well, maybe.

It’s only powerful if it changes something.


Ric talks about three things he learned about himself that day: 1) it all can all change in an instant; 2) he wasted time on things that didn’t matter, with people that did matter and 3) as the plane approached the water (and potentially breaking up (and everyone surely dying)) he realized just how badly he wanted to see his kids grow up.

In regards to #1: What are you putting off until tomorrow? What do you want to do? Who do you want to forgive? Who do you want to apologize to? Who do you want to reconnect with? Take a step now. As Ric so wisely exhorts us: don’t postpone anything, move with purpose and urgency.

In regards to #2, Where are you letting your Ego get in the way? Decide, as Ric did, to eliminate negative energy from your life (namely attachment, a key aspect of the Ego): choose to be happy, not right (always keeping in mind that it’s a process and a journey – get a little better every day… ).

In regards to #3: what is your Top Priority? For Ric it was being the absolute best Dad he could be. Knowing that life has many aspects and that we have multiple priorities, what is your #1, Top, Do-Whatever-it-Takes Priority? How can you live in integrity with that? What can you do a little better, each day, to make a difference in that area?


I’ve often wondered what it is about certain profound experiences that change people. You know, someone has a heart attack and they change how they eat and move (for good… ). Someone loses a loved one and they readjust how they live, and love.

More importantly, I’ve wondered how can we access that emotional leverage, without the profound or the tragic?

If you’ve watched and read carefully you’re wondering the same thing. I’m going to offer something so simple and instant that you probably won’t believe it. You’ll likely think I’m silly for even suggesting something so basic.

But it won’t change the truth or power of the suggestion.

Change. How. You. Think.

When you choose better thoughts, you’ll feel better emotions and you’ll make better choices.

Don’t believe me?

Tell me then, where do your emotions, and the actions that follow, come from?



I will grant that it’s easy to say “Change your thoughts, so you’ll feel better emotions and make better choices,” but hard – sometimes very hard – to do. This is exactly what I work with my clients on. It’s the exact high-leverage work that yields tremendous and lasting results. For those that will do the work, the rewards are many.

Let’s talk about what the work would be like, for you: click here.

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