The Three Things You MUST Master to Create The Life You Truly Desire

Change is hard. In a way, that’s good (so you don’t make bad changes too easily).

But what about good changes? The ones you both need and want to make?

How do you make those changes?

You must master* the following three “meta” skills:


There are things that are hidden, unseen or otherwise obscured that you must wake up to in order to make changes and create the life you want. The old saw – you can’t fix the problems you don’t know about – applies here.

The great challenge is that the things that are often most critical for you to see and make use of, are the things that are most hidden to you.

Most of the time, you need someone to help you elicit and show you what you can’t see – to help you uncover things that were there all along. (Shameless self-promotion: that’s what I do as a coach… )


Notice I didn’t day “motivation” or “discipline?” I could have, but I didn’t, and it was on purpose.

I want to distinguish inspiration from those things (both positive, if conceived of and executed in a healthy and constructive manner) in the following way: inspiration is authentic and sustainable energy for change.

Both bits are very, very important.

Your desire for change must be authentic. You must truly want the end-result otherwise the change effort will come up short, or fail completely – and likely quickly.

And it must be sustainable. Your “change energy” must not burn, or stress, or otherwise freak you out. That’s not to say that it won’t be strenuous, or test you, or be boring and mundane at times, but it can’t be a net drain on your health and vitality.


This is where you combine numbers 1 & 2 in daily life.

More than anything it’s about choices.

How do you make choices that are aligned with true desires? How do you make choices that are in-sync with your inspiration and health?

You must be mindful.

You must make choices with sufficient care and consideration. Care for you and others and consideration for what truly serves what you want – both now and in the future.


* Mastery is a life-long process; it’s a practice wherein one continually refines and develops methods through learning and application – mastery is not a destination.

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