The Truth Will Set You Free – Part 2 of 20

I recently read a post on Johnny B. Truant’s blog that really hit home. So much so that I wanted to do two things: share it with my readers and 2) think on and write about each piece of his post. The post is “20 Truths About Life No One Wants To Believe” and the second one I am going to tackle is:

2. The best moneymaking and success strategy is to be awesome.
It’s amazing how many people fret about perfecting their marketing strategy when what they have to offer is total shit. Sure, marketing and SEO and positioning matter… but only once you are producing awesome stuff. No matter how many times we talk about marketing funnels or KDP Select promotion strategy on the podcast, the bottom-line advice always boils down to, “Keep writing awesome books that people love.” That philosophy applies to everything.

Sometimes it’s the simplest strategies that are the most powerful.

Broadly speaking there are two ways to understand the powerful wisdom in the quoted passage above.

One is that it’s wrong. That the way to make money and be successful is to learn how to strategize and scheme with whatever context you find yourself in.

That if you understand the personalities and relevant dynamics, and figure out how to manage and manipulate them, that you will win.

The other is that it’s right. (Count me in that camp… ).

The problem with “figuring-it-all-out” and then making “it” work to your advantage is that pieces and parts change.

Then you have to figure it all out again.

When you modus operandi is to be super-freaking-excellent, then that’s all you have to do – in terms of strategy.

You don’t need to worry about the personalities, or rules, or anything, changing; you just keep kicking ass.

It may not always be the quickest or most lucrative in the moment, but it will always feed your soul and that is invaluable.

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