Mindfulness & Attitude

Either what happens changes our mood… or our mood changes the way we narrate what happens. – Seth Godin

People don’t seem to understand that we can either be blown about by the winds of circumstance or we can feel the winds of life, know that it’s sometimes windy and figure out how to use the energy in the gusts when we can.

But, unless you’re in the moment, consciously choosing your approach, your attitude, you’ll suffer, thinking that “life” is “too much” and happiness and agency only come occasionally, when it’s “calm.”


I’m not saying life is easy, or that there’s a way to like everything to that happens to you and around you, but you can – overwhelmingly – be present and choose your mental (and thus, your emotional) response to life events and circumstances.

But not if you’re stuck in the past or always looking to future.

Take time to examine the past and learn from it and imagine your future (both the challenges and opportunities) and set goals, and then be in the Present, in the Now – that’s the only place you do anything.

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