The Dynamic Nature of Trust

Trust is not static.

It’s either growing or dying.

It’s true for our relationship with our Self or others.

I had a realization (it’s what prompted this post… ) that it’s not enough to be kind to those we know and “neutral” to others.

Because rationing our kindness – even if its not conscious – creates doubt on the minds of others. They may wonder (again, not necessarily consciously) that there may come a time when we might be less-than-kind to them.

(I know that last paragraph reeks of “woo-woo New Age-ey” stuff, but I do believe there are powerful energetic connections between people. Think of the “gut feelings” you have… it’s that sort of thing.)

My point: be kind whenever possible.

To yourself, to those you know and to those you have yet to meet.


1) You’ll know; 2) those who know you and see you being kind (without qualification) will know and 3) it will matter.

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