The Dalai Lama and Money

I betcha the Dalai Lama has a pretty good “money consciousness” (MC).

I’ve been listening to an audio book in the car by the DL (that’s what I sometimes call him, cuz we’re down… ) (How To See Yourself, if you’re wondering) and when he mentioned money he got me to thinking.

Thinking about how I think about money, the consequences of my thinking and how close (or far away) my thinking on money is to the DL’s.

It was quickly apparent that, to put it charitably, my MC was quite different than the DL’s. And not in a good way.

To be perfectly frank, my MC is rather crap. I think and repeat (and thus, reinforce) non-constructive thoughts about money.

I sometimes think that money will make me into a jerk, or at least  get in the way of me being a nicer person (I can kinda be an a-hole sometimes, at least in my thinking… ).

I think that money will become something of an obsession and that it will make me less-spriritual as a result.

And, the real gem: money will change me – in ways I can’t anticipate, and maybe can’t manage well. (That one is the true “crazy-maker,” because everything changes us and fearing change because it will change you, despite that the fact that the nature of things is to change, is to create an illusion that keeps you stuck (despite the reality that change marches on in your life, with or without your input)).

Okay, so I’ve shared. You still with me?

I want to get to the useful bit; the insight I had.

Acknowledging and embracing our MC is very, very important. Not because, like you no doubt have heard, that having a clear and attractive MC will allow money into your life, but for the opposite reason.

If your MC sucks you will keep money out.

You see your brain and mind are very good at keeping the things you (truly) don’t want, or don’t think you deserve, from you. You won’t notice opportunities. You won’t take the actions necessary to move towards greater wealth.

Never mind whether your thoughts and “consciousness” can attract money like a magnet or some such, know that your mind will keep money away from you – like an immune system would – if your beliefs and values regarding money suck.

Simply put you behave according to your beliefs and values (whether all aspects of those things serve you or not… ), and if you believe money to be bad, or complicating, or stressful, or un-holy, or… whatever, your mind/brain will protect you from “it.”

So, I’m not saying you can necessarily (and “magically”) attract money, but you sure can keep it at some distance.

Does this make any sense?

Deep-down, do you believe you deserve to be compensated at a higher level?

Granted, the universe rewards you in direct – and exacting – proportion to the value you create, so you might need to put more out into the World, but do you feel that you could be doing more? That what you’re capable of contributing is out-of-sync with your inherent capabilities… ?

I bet you feel/know you could be earning more, but you stop yourself (and likely unconsciously… ).

What to do? Find out what the world wants, where ‘that’ intersects with your skills and talents and offer that (effectively).

The money will come…

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