Seen On The Back of My Business Card – 4 of 4

“In the long run, men only hit what they aim at.” – Henry David Thoreau

You must have goals.

Without goals you’ll live your life by default and circumstance (I like to say you’ll be in a rut, not a groove . . . ). You will merely be reacting to what happens, missing opportunities and often operating in recovery mode. You’ll be wasting energy and time and often repeating mistakes.

With goals (and they don’t have to be the proto-typical “go-getter/over-achiever” shoot-for-the-moon goals), you will know where you’re headed and why (they just need to authentic and clear). You’ll be able to assess your progress and what you learned through the actions you’ve taken. You’ll be able to modify and improve your goals along the way (without worrying that you’re “giving up” on your original vision or desire).

What are you aiming at?

[I’m doing something a little different this week: I am featuring the quotes I had printed on the back of my new business cards.]

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