Seen On The Back of My Business Card – 3 of 4

“The size of your success is determined by the size of your belief.” – Seneca

This is self-evident (at least to me), but does beg the question: how does one create a high degree of passion and belief in a goal or endeavor? Two words: authenticity and clarity.

Your goals must be yours. They cannot be what your parents wanted for you. They cannot be what your spouse wants for you. They can’t be what your friends want for you. And they certainly can’t be what society wants for you.

Your goals must be absolutely, completely yours for you to have full access to all the passion, energy, creativity and drive you (truly) have.

The other key is clarity. You must know exactly what you want. Vague goals yield (no/) vague results. When you know what exactly your goal is, you can precisely break down the steps required to achieve it. Without clarity you won’t know if something is helpful or useful, and, more often than not, will defer action. Goals love action. They insist on it.

So, you must have passion and energy to achieve goals worthy of you. And you need authenticity and clarity to have passion and energy.

  • What do you really want?
  • How will you know when you’ve achieved it?
  • What are the steps required along the way?
  • What is proper order of the required steps?

The answers to these questions are the key to achieving your goals — without them achievement is random and rarely satisfying.

[I’m doing something a little different this week: I am featuring the quotes I had printed on the back of my new business cards.]

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