Possibility & Deserving – Part 1 of 2

I was in my car today listening to a developmental audio program (Jack Canfield’s “Success Principles”) (a practice I highly recommend, by the way . . . ) and was both inspired and challenged by something I heard.

Jack was talking about the importance of mindset in success, with components thereof being 1) that you (must) believe something is possible (for you) and 2) that you (must) feel you deserve it. Without those two pieces, your efforts towards anything will be for naught (my emphasis).

With that in mind, I have two important questions for you: when you consider your deeply held, authentic, desires and dreams, to what extent are they possible for you? Do you, truly, believe that if you developed the right skills, worked hard enough and found the right support, that you could achieve your biggest, most audacious goals? And, to what extent do you feel that you deserve the success and fulfillment that you deeply yearn for? Do you believe that, deep down, you are worthy of what it is you most want?

On a scale of 0 – 10, with 0 being ‘utterly-impossible/don’t-deserve-at-all’ and 10 being ‘totally-possible/completely-deserve,’ where do you rank your deeply held goals and aspirations?

I’ll be back in Part 2 of this post to get your answer.

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