One Way To Live Really, Really Well.

I have a theory about where much of our behavior comes from.

I trot it out often, maybe too often . . . .

But this theory does have value, even if seen again as an abstraction.

What I mean is that if I distill this theory and its “implications” I can arrive at something useful, regardless of whether someone sees the novelty, usefulness and general brilliance of my (specific) thinking (I was being a little cheeky there, can you guess where?).

*  *  *

Anyway, to my point.

When we suppose that there’s explanation for what we do, that might be beyond our general conscious awareness, and that entertaining that supposition and being willing to try new things for having considered something differently, our lives can shift.

They can shift in unexpected and beautiful ways.

Once we’re willing to think that our lives are not fixed and nearly-impossible to change, we open a doorway to new thoughts.

We become willing to compare what we want to change with what we’re actually doing and it’s genesis and then we are free to think, feel and be differently.

*  *  *

Life becomes more about curiosity and cause-and-effect rather than a fatalistic slog marked by annoying frustrations (and worse) that seem to keep happening . . . .

When we imagine, with intention and discipline that things often have an explanation, that comes with the possibility of better and different actions and outcomes, we can live life differently – and better.

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