Our True Nature

For 99% of us, 99% of the time (and these percentages might be low… ), our true nature is wellness and wholeness. Whenever we are not feeling that, we have “distracted” or “diverted” ourselves from this place of calm, wise knowing and perfect health.* One of the master skills of living is to notice any deviation from peace, wholeness and personal power and make better choices in what we think or “take in.”

Being able to return to our true nature, quickly and easily is the most important skill we can ever have.

Not that we can ever stay there – all the time** – but we can sure “live” there most all of the time.

*  *  *

* Whether it be things we do physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, whatever we’re “doing” is either moving towards our true nature, or spearating us from it.

** Or can we we . . . ?

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